All Your Cakes Are Mine

Mostly I Just Sit Around All Day, And Act Awesome

Summer is here. Hellz Yes. The best part about Summers?

Summer Vacations. Duh. Nothing better than sitting in the cool interior of your house. I know many people are considerably less lazy than I am (What in the world?) and show agility and bouts of excitement as they meticulously plan their summer vacations .

Not me. No, Sir. I rather sit and let my rear expand then go tripping outside in this heat. Although, I can’t remember one summer vacation where I wasn’t going to set doing something…Anything!

That never happened.

But like any other year, I have written another list:

1. Learn an instrument. (the triangle is a noble instrument )

2. Art classes. (Maybe I’ll become the Picasso of the 21st century. Maybe I’ll use my dazzling skills to prove my country – Pakistan – isn’t entirely consisting of gun totting barbarians, and we don’t have terrorists hiding under our Shalwar Kameez,  then there would be someone else to blame for all the shit out there. OhMyGod, I’m practically a hero already)

3.  Write a script, sell it for millions of dollars. ( Okay, No? I should just continue writing to some millionaire about adopting me then. Hi, I’m adorable and broke – 100% non-demon like. You won’t have to worry about strange demonic staring or fascination with objects that can be used to kill you from this gal. I understand though, it’s the fault of Hollywood. Just loveeee me, s’all I ask)

4. I’m working on this one…

Eventually, this summer too will end, and I wouldn’t be able to complete anything  one or two things that I wanted to do. I’m still happy that at least I tried, unlike the other summers where I lazed around eating junk, watching junk, listening to junk and maybe even daydreaming about junk.  Oh wait, that’s what I’m still doing.

What are you doing this summer? Something way more exciting than sitting?


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