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An Emotional Spiel?

I had a particularly bad month: My phone has a virus and it’s destroying the system from within and the three hours I wasted on the net, searching for an appropriate anti-virus, with my eyes squinting and the screen glowing on my face, seemed every bit excruciating. Also,  my sleep pattern refuses to change even with my mother threatening me that she’ll wake me up at six (Six! Lol! That’s the time when I sleep) even if I now look like a raccoon human hybrid or Panda hybrid or whatever.

So that means, when the vacations end, I’ll still be going to sleep in the wee hours of the morning and then waking up like a tortured inmate. Lovely.

Anyway, the point of this blog begins now: I’m a skeptic so when my friends started going to their different universities while I lay in my bed all day long listening to angst ridden tunes, I thought whether we could still be the same tight bunch of friends that lived every moment in the past two years.

When I discussed the ‘nonchalance’  of one of our friends that only occasionally shows her face now to X, she replied:  “They have new social lives now and we have to accept that we can not share everything the same way we used to. Sure, I’ll love to tell you all about the chick who wears purple lipstick but you don’t know her so you won’t understand. It’s about proximity which we don’t have anymore.”

I have to concede here though I did spun off into my lengthy diatribes which Nix patiently listened. Maybe I have a lot of time, thus the reason I spent so much time thinking about it and it’s driving me peanuts.

I wonder if I would drift away too when I join college in a couple of months, whether I, too, would have a cool swagger that would stumble when my old friends would poke fun of it and I would give a haughty ‘I am the shizz’ look and boast about how badass I’ve become. In my head, that sounds pretty far-fetched.

I’ve learned that you can’t chase after people to stop them from leaving but it would be a cold day indeed when YOU would leave. Now, I’m beginning to think if there was ever a ‘forever’ in our BFF.

Listening now: Quoth the Raven by Eluveitie.


12 thoughts on “An Emotional Spiel?

  1. I think we have made it pretty far. I mean look at us lol. We met online, never met eachother, and we act like sisters. Its not really the distance, it depends on the people who out forth an effort to keep that friendship. Trust me, I have learned that lesson. Im here for you no matter what ❤

  2. Aizah says:

    My bf lives in london, and we were both upset when i came back to Pakistan. We were both gnna start uni and there was always this doubt in the back of my mind that things weren’t gnna be the same now that we’re so far away. But guess what! nothing has changed (thank god for skype) we talk all the time, tell each other about our uni’s and all the same random stuff. It can’t be a one way thing though, everybody needs to make an effort.

  3. Thaanie says:

    Same here… All my besties are back in The Maldives and I have moved to Lanka to study.. I really dont like the environment here.. no one represents true friendship in them.. I hate it here.. I miss it when I knew the whole school back in The Maldives and jxt 2 ppl in Lanka… 😦
    Life is so bad around here.. 😦
    I just miss all my friends(true ones) So much!
    And these ppl even call me “Maldivian Muslim”.. Yea, well .. I’m proud to be a Muslim Maldivian.. Uh.. like Hell-LO? Duh… >.<

  4. Awww, that sucks really bad. I can understand how hard it must be for you to adjust. I’m sure you can skype them or just rant about how you feel in a blog. Believe me, it helps.

    Hahaha, people can be so weird at times.

  5. Oh Hi, Naba! I haven’t seen you here since forever. How are you?
    Yes, it did! I don’t see my friends quite often but I know they are just a phone call away – as cheesy as that sounds! =D

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