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This Is All Made In Pakistan

Art has a way to move you without using words or any form of speech – just colors swirling around and a few strokes here and there. While, I never considered myself the artsy type or the one to critique it, It would be wrong to deny the fascination and reverence I always had for it and though I haven’t painted anything for over a year now (I was an art student) My past flirtation with the brush, paint and pencil was just enough to not entirely efface the interest, I had for this unspoken medium.

Okay so down memory lane we go and I remember studying and learning about Sadequain, One of the brilliant artists Pakistan had over the years, and last night for some strange reason as I was throwing away stuff from my over cluttered shelf, I caught sight of some of the notes my teacher gave me describing his style of work and some of his famous paintings. I NEVER had studied them closely before and well, I was kinda interested in his work because it was just different and slightly surreal sometimes bordering on the abstract, but it was still SCHOOL WORK and I just had to go through them and pass the exams. Only now I realize that if I could have researched closely…


Calligraphy Panel, colors on wood by Sadequain

here he arranged Quranic inscription on a series of boats which translated into ” In the name of the memorable Qur’an. In the name of the glorious Qur’an. In the name of the pen [and anything it writes].”

Source:Sadequain: Calligraphy panel (Inst.1980.3.2) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Another Artist I admire was Anna Molka Ahmed who painted in rich lively colors – a stark contrast to Sadequain’s dreary murals and paintings.



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