The Dreary

Hello! You called the wrong Number!



The day started out that way and now, as soon as I’m done writing this, I’m going to go and hit the math books and maybe wallow in self despair. Meh. I would rather watch an Ashton Kutcher flick and emotionally scar myself than this.

Also, the wire of  my laptop’s charger has started to snap. Wha da hellz? I just can not get any peace of mind. What kind of karmic reaction is this tomfoolery?

I digress. I don’t think God realizes what the laptop means to me. It’s like what the Ring was to Sauron. I mean, sure, they didn’t have laptops or electricity for that matter in the Lord of the Rings so they won’t know my comparison. Still pretty close.

Some bloke called a couple of hours ago. I answered, obviously disgruntled. Duh.

In my opinion, my voice was loud and clear . However the dude so didn’t get my dulcet tones and kept repeating that  ‘He wanted to talk to Amjad’.

Do I look like an Amjad? Or is my voice suddenly so deep that it resembles a man now?

It wasn’t as if I was channeling PML(Q)’s Shujaat Hussain either. That is for special times only.  Anyway, I told him ‘Sorry. Wrong number’ and clicked the phone shut but after a few seconds, the phone sang again and I ignored it for a couple of minutes.
After his fourth attempt at hearing Amjad’s manly voice, I snatched the phone up as if it was a writhing python and roared in the mouthpiece.


Ever had any epic calls like this when they just won’t leave you alone?

Listening now: here with me by Michelle Branch.


5 thoughts on “Hello! You called the wrong Number!

  1. Thaanie says:

    Awesome Article..
    Makes me kinda feel bad.. I get mood swings all the time! (Only at home)
    Though I try to control it most of the time.. 😥
    HOME SUCKS >.<
    I hate home… 😦 Its like, the worst place on Earth…

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