Oh, The Things I Write About

You Just Made My Mum Really Angry

There was no water in the house literally and it was scorching hot outside. My mother was definitely not pleased because lovely expletives were slipping out of her mouth faster than you can say ‘Butterflies’. She grew angrier than a frustrated squirrel when we kept laughing and she just wouldn’t understand the reason (and we wouldn’t tell her)


Mum:  (This entire dialogue can not be written due to the amount of asterisks I would have to apply. Period)

Water management authority really do wind her up. I am not sure why they couldn’t just fix the pre-historic water motors which supply the water to all our houses once and for all. It’s probably a good thing Mum doesn’t know anyone in the management department.  We would be seeing a Pakistani version of Chainsaw Massacre happening.

In other non-depressing news: I went to A’s birthday party. The cake made me cry tears of joy. It was that pretty. I almost didn’t want to eat it.

Psych! I was the first one to cut into the soft sensual layers of cream and fudge. I wanted to post a picture but my stupid phone’s pics won’t justify the beauty of the sweet treat.

Anyway, greatly missed the presence of X who is in Britain for her vacations. I tried to give my parents hints about going somewhere other than the park for the vacations but they just giggled and snorted.

The ride back home was awesome as well with Mano reading the ‘Day by Day school’ ad written on the wall in urdu as ‘Dabaaaayyy school’ and giving equally intelligent and thought provoking names for restaurants as we passed them.

It wasn’t the cake, endless laughter, the wise cracks or even the fact that we didn’t bicker after a long time. It felt just right to be together.

Listening now: Swim in Silence by Paramore.


5 thoughts on “You Just Made My Mum Really Angry

  1. Komal says:

    Ya-Ha We’ve got the same infuriating water problem in this burning hot weather, And yeah, true, they don’t give an ear to the poor public!

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