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The Looming Interview

University Interview Tomorrow. Am I jinxing it by writing here? Anyway, I tried to practice by pacing in the room and talking to myself. The only thing I got was a parched throat and then I drank a full bottle and got a bloated stomach. Figures.

So yes, Interview! My sister suggested I tell them that I’m a good writer. How can I just say “You know what! This girl can write ghoood, Y’all!” How can anyone just say that about themselves?  even I don’t know if I could be called a writer at all. So yes, I’m crossing that one out. I’ll just say I write.

Just got a call from Pops saying my USB port has backfired and is probably filled with a deadly virus so the prospect of printing out some of my essays I wanted to show is in jeopardy. Great.

Have to get up at 7 tomorrow. I think the last time I got up this early was in February for a test. It’s July now. Sigh. ImustnotmessuptheinterviewImustnotmessuptheinterview

Listening now: Smells like Teen spirit by Nirvana


5 thoughts on “The Looming Interview

  1. Your such a dork you know that right lol. You will do great on your interview. Just try not to worry so much. I know I did and I screwed up royally xD. I dont think some of those qualities will be good to tell them lol

  2. Yep! ^-^ Dorky here! =D …Thanks so much Liz!!! <3<3<3<3<3!! It wasn't bad. They asked me two stupid questions and then Off I went. =D…They didn't ask me about my qualities though! =[ I've prepared some badass ones to show off! XD

  3. Ayesha Afzal says:

    hahahaha….but that got into like the best university ever…so shut up! okay
    maths and economics though it is…but who cares its NUST we are talking here!!!!!

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