True Blood and What Happened In The Interview

Watching “True Blood”. Interesting show, I must say. I’ve watched only one episode of it. The only thing that irked me were the bad, bad accents. I couldn’t go through one episode without literally falling off the seat in hilarity whenever Sookie or someone else had something to say.

I read the Sookie Stackhouse books afterwards. I liked the books.  At least it had real vampires in it (Of course, accents were not an issue here)  These vampires drank blood from humans in graphic detail and used allure and seductive charm to entrap their prey. I think I’m in love.

The protagonist – Sookie appears to have a sound head on her shoulders as well. I’m not sure about the lead vampire though…but at least he doesn’t annoy the crap out of me unlike some vampires in the plethora of vampire literature out there now.

Oh and the interview! Hmm… Well, It could have been worse but they only asked me two questions regarding my school and grades. End. It was kind of annoying since I was all like “ask me something so I could dazzle y’all with my uniqueness!” but my telepathic stare couldn’t really penetrate the hard walls of their brain so there.

In the end, I blurted out about the writing part. I had to. I was starting to see ‘failure’ in big letters swimming around me. Now, we await the dreaded letter.


8 thoughts on “True Blood and What Happened In The Interview

  1. kimberlyloomis says:

    I haven’t read/seen any of the above. I own the first book in the series and am trying to keep myself from watching the series until I read that one at least. Sorry to hear about your interview. Any possibility they’ll hire you on anyway?

  2. I read the book first too. Also because It was the second season of true blood and I couldn’t understand a thing. =/ But the book wasn’t so bad. At least I found the first few pages catching my attention. =P
    Thanks but it’s Okay. Ah…Possibility. I hope! =D

  3. Ayesha Afzal says:

    u like it.??? God, i read the part above the picture with the speed of light…praying no one actually has a glance on the picture.!
    so that i could finally scroll down! XD

  4. Ayesha Afzal says:

    p.s i love the show! third season released on july 15, ’10
    and i have watched two episodes as yet! but its goood!

  5. Aizah says:

    Love true blood! one of my friends got me hooked and now i’m kinda obsessed with it.I can’t wait for monday mornings when i can download the new episode.
    Haven’t read the books yet, but i plan too.

  6. I know right ashly! =P Fati is starting to be obsessed with Anna pacquin but then she’s obsessed with every pop culture icon.

    Isn’t it Aizah? =D I think I’m starting to get a teensy bit obsessed too. Oh try the books,They’re awesome.

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