Oh, The Things I Write About

Here’s to the Ranting I do In My Head!

I’m irrationally upset at the moment, throwing clots of teenage angst and other paraphernalia – yes, I have feelings. Shocking!  I’ve already demolished two people who messaged me and replied as acidly as possible. Also blinded with rage, wrote “Goole” instead of google in the search bar. Apparently Goole is:

Goole is a market town and inland port in the North East of England with a population of about 18,000.

Sounds pretty rad.

Y’all know I’ve tried to be an educated intellectual, who presents her views in a very astute angle (Psych! Insert LOL!) However, yes, no more pretending. Forget it. I’m very good writing inane posts and I’ll continue doing it. The force is with me.  I’ll stay a pseudo-intellectual for the time being.

Okay, so why this volatile state? I guess the anger stems from a mail I got and some people…S’all I can tell.  Oh well, here’s to rants and raging. Fun times.


6 thoughts on “Here’s to the Ranting I do In My Head!

  1. Ayesha Afzal says:

    hahaha…props man! that was ‘The other side of YOU’ lol
    glad i never had the experience to actually witness that in person. although now i fear meeting you tonight. lol

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