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Oh, This Is Such Happy Bit of News, Dear

OhMaiGod. You guys.

I have two things with me right now. I would have played ‘Guess what’s in my hand’ game with you like I played with family and strangers out on the street.

Old lady watering her plants: …
Me: of course, it’s a letter. BUT WHAT IS INSIDE THE LETTER? WHATTT?
She backs away slowly.
Me: HUZZAH! *lots of maniacal laughter.

Anyway, I have…one acceptance letter and one rejection letter from two different universities.

I don’t know what to write now. It’s only been a couple of  hours since the letter arrived and I was so giddy and downright obscenely happy with the fact that I got admission in the top university so much that I didn’t give a flying duck about the reject letter. It’s cool, it’s totally cool – I got the acceptance from the uni. I wanted to get into.

But I’ll keep the reject letter from the other as well. For nostalgia purposes.

After a year of tantrums, spontaneous wrath break outs and posts about squirrels, I’m finally going to be a college girl.

My parents are overjoyed – because they’ll be getting rid of the child that listened to doom metal and lay sprawled on her bed all day long with bags under her eyes. Purple shadows underneath your eyes are not an emblem of beauty – according to the standards set by most people. My eleven year old cousin even asked me in his usual droll grumble, “Did you get punched by someone?”

I digress. Let’s celebrate write2escape’s acceptance by being rowdy in my comment section, and of course stuffing your face in junk that would make you fat. Hallelujah!

Oh and my country is 63 years old today! =)

Listening now: The rules by Elysion.


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