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Unclean Toilets – A plot against the Government?

I’m more than thrilled to find out that someone actually rants more than me over unsavoury bathroom conditions and also to watch the Hyderabad administrator being ripped to pieces by the Sindh interior minister was an absolute treat.

It was a moment of glee for me (and others) to watch someone get bullied on the screen with such brutality that I turned to watch it on Youtube (AKA as the best thing ever after Madonna and pants) for some more.

The Sindh interior Minister made a visit to a local relief camp for the flood affected, little did he know the horrors that lay beyond him as he waddled into a bathroom with vengeance.

The Awesome Bit:

 The administrator with his head hanging low, got the full brunt of  interior Minister, Zulfiqar Mirza, as the latter  found something unpleasant stuck to the toilet seats. He spat out,”…I will take personal action against you. I will treat you like a bdmaash (Thug). If I there are no clean toilets by this evening, I will arrest you.”

He further added, oblivious to the administrator’s enormous, I-am-sooo-busted, sweat marks around the armpits. “Unclean Toilets are a conspiracy against the Zardari Government!” – Cue: someone hollers “JIYE BHUTTO” – “(You) have committed this crime, I will act like a bdmaash and you know, I am a bdmaash.” (it’s clobbering’ time, y’all!)

While the administrator tried to mumble something. Someone rightfully said “STFU” behind him. Afterall we need no middle-aged sweat-coming-down-like-torrents-of-rain armpit guy to ruin this amazing moment.


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