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Pakistani Cricketers Facing Slammer Time?


Anybody who is remotely interested in cricket probably knows about the shameless match fixing scandal involving four Pakistani players – and maybe more.  At a critical time when the country is yearning for some good news, bravo, you managed to make us feel more stupid and humiliated all in one day. Not an easy feat to manage.


Superstar “Veena Malik” whose mission seems to be making Mohammad Asif’s life a living hell (Thank you, You’re the best) is now accusing him of domestic violence. She claims that while she had been stalking him on suspicions that he had been having an affair behind her tush, she discovered his involvement in spot fixing. She also added Asif would beat her up when angry. Sources quoted her as saying “It’s not personal revenge but in the interest of the whole country.” Yawn. Right. So many people have the interest of this country at heart. 


After spilling his guts out to an unknown stranger about the matters of his heart (Here is the heart again. More organs coming up) Yasir Hameed denied giving an interview to an undercover reporter even when everybody watched him on the boob tube (Am I the only one who saw the bitterness in his bright eyes?) when he talked about the money his team mates took from brokers when he himself denied millions of pounds because his heart belongs to his country.

Shahid Afridi being the lovable chum that he is, told the sources that Hameed is mentally challenged and thinks like a cute (and dumb) teen boy so don’t pay any attention to him.

So will we get to see the corrupt cricketers spend some good ol’ time in jail? Will Salman Butt, the disgraced captain, stop being Ape-shyt on the telly over this grave matter? Will Veena Malik once and for all halt the press conferences regarding Asif and his misdemeanors? Will Pakistan Cricket rub off its tarnished image and be reborn from the ashes?

I can tell you the answer to the last question. It’s a Yes.


8 thoughts on “Pakistani Cricketers Facing Slammer Time?

  1. Looks like someone’s enthusiastic 😀
    Apparently I have no connection with Pakistan Cricket. I did watch the T20 matches in Summer 2009 (That’s because I was somewhat forced by my brother’s father in law when I stayed at his place) and was familiarized with the players, but I never watched it since, it’s a shame though..

  2. Hahahaha. =D My sister and father are huge sport buffs and It’s hard to miss something when Geo is airing the same clip over and over again.
    Lol. That sounds like torture. Just kidding! =D atleast you got to see what’s so special about cricket.

  3. Blame it all on the cable..
    No need to translate, the fact that you don’t understand provides the answer =p well just for the sake of it, it means ‘you’re not Sindhi?’
    Oh and *comes closer, whisper* you’re supposed to put a comma after each word to make it a different tag, like ‘see, this, is, the, way, tag, hopeyougetmypoint’ But I think it’s just you being lazy to not provide the commas =P

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