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The Birthday Massacre’s Woven World of Pins and Needles

I’m a huge fan of the goth synth-rock genre ever since I first stumbled upon this one band playing exactly this type of music about three years ago. I remember being fascinated so much by the psychedelic sound and the whimsical world they potrayed in their lyrics and videos that I dug in more of their stuff and from their contemporaries, but I would forever be in love with the “The Birthday Massacre” for introducing me to this wonderful amulgam of electric sounds, dark riffs and morbid lyrics.

The video of “Looking Glass” caught my eye with an energetic pasty faced female dressed in a black school-girl outfit belting out a song of betrayel, fear and servile adoration while she roams around a school full of mannequins. The video itself seems to have taken a leaf out of the japanese manga and anime but stands out as electric guitars thrash and the female vocalist’s voice catches you off guard. With this genre ruled by strong and bold voices, Chibi’s gives off the vibe of a sweet girl-next-door trapped in this uncanny situation.

And they’re back with a new album! *Fan girl squeal* and continuing their esoteric sound that garnered them a cult status, with more harder riffs and a darker edgier tone with ever evolving lyrics. I think they captured my heart along with my senses with this album, it’s THAT good. While many would argue that they presented nothing new on the table but then again, electric/horror-synth rock had always been their speciality and It’s what they do best.

Isn’t the cover absolutely delicious and pretty? =D

The album consisted of these tracks:

SleepWalker: Battering riffs and electric tunes surround this song with somber lyrics that Chibi delivers par excellence. Without even listening to the lyrics, you can actually feel the tired and apathetic attitude that she wants to convey.

Two Hearts: It starts out angry and mean and then Chibi’s voice smoothes it out with her ironic sweetness as she croons bitterly while the instruments grit against each other – definitely one of my favourites.

Control: Maximum Heaviness continues but this one also has a dancy side to it. 😛 Chibi’s voice seem peppy and upbeat though the lyrics were hard to figure out.

Sideways: The mood shifts to a haunting creeping atmosphere in this ballad as she moans about haunted hallways and fate.

Shallow Grave: This upbeat ballad is inspired by the notorious murder of Elizabeth Short better known as The Black Dahlia and explores the band’s recurring themes of fear, psychosis and bitter end.

Secret: Eerie vocals mingled with a surreal atmosphere and lilting melodies takes the listener to TBM’s world where black and purple plays with your head

Pale: The softer side of TBM comes into view which Chibi sings with perverse innocence. Dark and melodious, it has everything that you expect from a TBM song. Chillingly eerie.

Pines and Needles: The title track is the cresendo of the album, without a doubt. It is pure eargasm. Meatier, Grittier and overflowing with energy, It delivers the promise of being positively amazing with hard riffs and Chibi discussing the human fraility and hopelessness.

The other tracks I hadn’t included are Always, Midnight and In the dark but rest assure, they have the same brilliance as the others with crunching guitars, catchy whimsical hooks and the lead vocalist’s dulcet voice seeped in irony. This might possibly be their best album to date and if you haven’t checked this band out, do it now. You might get stuck to their gossamer, chilly, dark but entirely gratifying web of music. I’ll definitely give it a high eight out of ten.


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