College Stuff

Freshman Year Begins!

Tomorrow is  the day, I officially start going to College. First Day Jitters!

Hell Yeah, this kid is off to college

Ten years ago, I probably wouldn’t have seen myself as a college Kid. Heck, I can’t believe how fast the time has passed by. It just seems yesterday, I was in school switching back and forth to different career options. Feeling that I was a talent-less reject, having a much talented sibling plus relatives that stalked my Facebook updates, I considered deleting my account and putting myself under a house arrest. So basically a hobo…with a house and body modifications: which means drawing tattoos with a sharpie, not cutting myself. Everybody knows if I come home with a real tattoo, my parents would probably throw up a wrench and proceed to blame all my friends for this gross misconduct.

But here I am, still in town, still have my name and marching – albeit – nervously to college. Did I mention that I have no idea how the people would be  like? Would I ever fit in or become a lone wolf? (Okay, so I hated everyone in school. Bunch of pompous tools. Thus, I don’t harbor great sentiments about it ) Oh and Public Speaking! Lord, don’t let me embarrass myself like I did the 14, 213 times, but knowing my earlier track record – Thank you, God – I most probably will. Bring your cameras along!


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