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You’re Too Old to Bully and ‘The’ Checklist.

Britney Spears in her song ”Circus” very astutely described the types of people:

“There’s only two types of people in the world The ones that entertain and the ones that observe,”

(Wow. I just put a song lyric by her)

They’re also, some highly intelligent morons, who entertain themselves at the cost of others. They usually find themselves very funny and beyond everyone else’s sphere of cognizance – even if they don’t, these species act:

a) Cocky as heck.

So yes, when Snotty Princess came strutting by at the doom school, after a weekend of her and I, happily chatting up on the facebooky for the first time; I was in for a big surprise. Facebook, for the record, is absolute baloney. You think people are actually that sweet and nice in real life? I’m sorry to break this terrible news to you – Most of them are not. They are a literal anus in life. Yes. That anus in the human anatomy. So, it hit me like a shock of cold water – not anus – that while, I’m being perfectly candid, Snotty P was so not the candidate for propriety. For starters, if you’ve got an opinion. Wait in line. Don’t just interrupt someone else – as their faces burn in embarrassment – with your own “endearing” dictatorial-esque intellect even if it’s done in “good fun”. I wanted to give you several liver lacerations afterwards- with a pencil.

I lol’d hard after class because A) The heat can totally molest your head. b) After writing, I realize I’m free of lapsing into pensiveness, because the conclusion would always be: Snotty P is a complete witch.

I must jot this down with great sadness; yes, bullying happens in college too.

Also, my week’s checklist which I’m going to follow or  I’m going to bust mine someone’s head.

1. I will try penning down the notes which spill from the Prof’s mouth, no matter how bland the subject.

2. I will stop listening to Death Metal, to counter the depressive streak that has inflamed suddenly inside of me since hearing the countless profanities in ghoulish or Gollum – whatever it is called, is not helping.

3. I will continue using the amazing ability of controlling my facial muscles when that E-Sush comes floucing by, and thinks I’m always trying to be such a know-it-all. What is this? 4th grade?

4. I will stop thinking of the transvestite in the play.

5. I’m not going to hate studying in my college. AGAIN.

6. Oh God. I think I would break rule 5 like in the next minute. Just did it.

7. Public Skills. ASAP.

8. Think it’s better to show people you’re a bad witch so they can’t walk all over you like THAT INCIDENT THAT HAPPENED WITH ME. If you heckle me again, so God help me, I’ll certainly neuter you for sure, and then donate your eggs to sharks someone.

P.S: Some of you found this blog by searching for “Bdmaash Boys” . I  mean really? *Arches eyebrow* Bdmaash boys? Is this a local movie I missed? Rawr.

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College Stuff

It’s Just Peachy that We Get So Much Work Aimed To Kill A Whale

I’m honestly so tired, it’s a wonder I can pound my fingers over the keys. It’s been two weeks since I started my sojourn in College land. While I’m thrilled with the amount of work load aimed to kill even a whale, It’s kind of sad, I don’t get to blog as much and read everyone’s perky, enticing blog posts about how you managed to make the perfect apple pie or euthanize your cat cetera cetera. Y’know fun stuff! Anyhooo, the first days of college were really depressing, I can’t really put my finger exactly where I hated it most because then I need to have…uhhh fifteen twenty fingers at least?

Everybody here seems to have such a sartorial grace about them. It’s kind of like watching Animal Fashion Planet – with humans of course.

A Serious Case of Faaaishon Faux Pas

Also, there is a desperate urge to correct someone’s incorrect behavior. If you don’t like something, hell yeah voice your opinion. We live in a goddamn democracy after all. I’m so happy, I came here.

I have a quiz on Tuesday – This one better be good than today’s disastrous one. I literally wrote nothing except mostly to show the professor how stupid and uncouth I am. Hey, at least I didn’t have to try so hard, right?


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