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It’s Just Peachy that We Get So Much Work Aimed To Kill A Whale

I’m honestly so tired, it’s a wonder I can pound my fingers over the keys. It’s been two weeks since I started my sojourn in College land. While I’m thrilled with the amount of work load aimed to kill even a whale, It’s kind of sad, I don’t get to blog as much and read everyone’s perky, enticing blog posts about how you managed to make the perfect apple pie or euthanize your cat cetera cetera. Y’know fun stuff! Anyhooo, the first days of college were really depressing, I can’t really put my finger exactly where I hated it most because then I need to have…uhhh fifteen twenty fingers at least?

Everybody here seems to have such a sartorial grace about them. It’s kind of like watching Animal Fashion Planet – with humans of course.

A Serious Case of Faaaishon Faux Pas

Also, there is a desperate urge to correct someone’s incorrect behavior. If you don’t like something, hell yeah voice your opinion. We live in a goddamn democracy after all. I’m so happy, I came here.

I have a quiz on Tuesday – This one better be good than today’s disastrous one. I literally wrote nothing except mostly to show the professor how stupid and uncouth I am. Hey, at least I didn’t have to try so hard, right?


Listening now: Cold – Stupid girl.


8 thoughts on “It’s Just Peachy that We Get So Much Work Aimed To Kill A Whale

  1. Ayesha Afzal says:

    hahahahahhaha!!!! dude its gonna be fine, trust me. first semesters always a mess. my second one was a mess too though! haha…but its gona be okay!=PP

  2. Unfortunately, people have taken “freedom of speech” to mean “I can say whatever I want and not worry about any consequences so I can be a complete @$$ and that’s too bad for whoever”. The first semesters are always rough. You can do this. Take lots of deep breaths and be kind to yourself. When that fails take a night off and go to a bar.

    • Thanks so much Kimberly! They CAN be really big @sses when doing that (That might sound wrong. 😀 ‘@sses’) But yeah, hopefully things would fall into their right places before I’ll drown in depression. =/. College can be such a… (Insert word of your choice)

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