Oh, The Things I Write About



No blog for eons? *Gasp* I blame all my petty college work + emotional distress for that. Every time I try to hit the books, I’m distracted by the shiny array of new episodes of my favourite shows.
I saw the latest episode of the Vampire Diaries.  The single tear of anguish slipping from Damon’s eye was even more heartbreaking than seeing a  mangled squirrel. Although seriously, I wanted to laugh at first. Really? Single tear? Ian Somerhalder may be supreme eye candy but crying is just not sexy.
Do they sell tears on e-bay? Just checking.

In other non-delish moments, I’m forced to suffer to spend more solitary and ignore fests. Yay. Invisibleness is us but I don’t give a hell’s pit about it.

Captain Planet luhves me

Actually I do. I just wanted to sound more hopeful.

Also, we had a fight with A who went all bat crazy on us. She even fetched her bulldog of a “friend” to intervene. I like that guy about as much as I like cancer or AIDS. He resembles a deflated balloon gone wrong and should stop nauseating others with his attractive Facebook pictures. They are inducing people to vomit in the mouth.

How to counter intense spells of loneliness? I’m fixated on making food my next best friend but this relationship is just too complicated for me (and my derriere) to handle so, if you know some awesome tips to keep yourself busy when people are being assholes, drop a line in the box.
My friends give me awesome advice but y’know you’re absolutely the coolest person on the planet if you comment.  If you have never suffered loneliness, depression etc: Thank you very much, you may read and comfort me as I silently loathe you.
Just kidding.

Do I have a happy news item to share with you? No. Nikki’s cat died by the way. R.I.P cat.

I like goldfish.

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26 thoughts on “Emo-Tastic!

  1. your so funny lol. not alot of people understand loneliness or depression so its hard for them to give advice. aw poor kitty! your a strong person and i know you will make it through these hard times. just pray and God will help you.

  2. Naba says:

    Hey.. Are you talking about the latest episode of Vampire Diaries Season 1 or 2? Cause… Season 2 just ended and I missed it.. 😦
    Wait, are you a girl or guy?? Just wondering…. !!!
    Hehe.. I Like Your Writings… 😀 They are Pretty Funny!!!

  3. Naba says:

    Hehe!! i’ll definitely try and watch the last episode I missed!! 😀
    Umm. well.. I think.. Uhh… I dont know.. :/ Girl? 😀
    Welcome!! 😀

    • Thaanie says:

      Ohmygoshhhh!!!! O.O
      I just realised…
      Are you a girl or a guy?
      If your a girl, sorry i called you grandad… 🙂

      • I knew it all along.. i mean.. guys watching Vampire Diaries is totally like WHAT? O.O and also thinking Damon tearing up was heartbreaking? C’mon!!! If a guy thought it, it would be gay…!! xD
        But I kinda had a doubt so that was why I asked you! 🙂
        Hehehe!! 😀

      • Thaanie says:

        Well, lets jxt change “Grandad” into “Sis” ???
        Muahahahahahahahahahahahh! ♥ 😛 ♥

  4. Thaanie says:

    Well, who knew? Your pic doesn’t tell much… and you didnt introduce yourself as a girl or a boy… 🙂
    But the part abt Vamp.Diaries really got me… 🙂
    I mean, what kinda guy would watch it? Its gay**** … 😀
    😀 So i kinda knew you were a girl… 😀

    😛 Awwwwwwnn! 😛
    ThankeeeewW! But its not my real name, I hate my real name 😦 which is Tanya or Thanya, by the way….. 🙂
    Thaanie is my nick name.. 😛 ( If you were talking about me, that is) 😛

    ❤ Xoxoooo ❤

    • Hahaha, You guys are hilarious! Btw, Naba and you know each other?
      Hahaha, I’m with you on that one, Naba! Hahaha, well there you go, All XX chromosomes here ! =P

      Oh yeah, I just posted a picture of my fat hand. =P and yay for all the ladies out there!

      Tanya? That’s a pretty name. ❤

      • Thanx…
        Yupp.. Me and Naba are sisters.. 😛
        You like Tanya? I dont….
        Guess what?
        Your name is Tayyaba right? ♥
        My mom wanted to call me “THOYYIB”… But my dad wanted to call me Tanya! ♥
        I’m glad!! :p
        My gosh! Just look at all those rings! 😀 ♥♥

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