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All Hope Abandon Ye

My apologies for the long hiatus, fellow earthlings and the tiny huge group of people who read my blog! Yes, I’m talking about you, my ravishing reader who will not be stalked by angst-ridden squirrels.

The thing that motivated me to get my lazy ass moving and update the blog was when I checked my email. What surprised the socks out of me was that I got a new subscriber! which got me heaving sobs that dear Lord, some beautiful souls, in this world actually read this blog.

Yes, This blog.
What got me around to choosing ‘No’ as a subject were a series of events that culminated in a number of pleasant and unpleasant situations. ‘No’ is such a precarious word with its various implications and for some people like me, it’s hard to just say no to someone. I have a friend who agreed to proof read couple of people’s  work even though she had to finish her own assignment with a deadline looming over her head. However, she just couldn’t say ‘All hope abandon ye who think I’ll do their work’  The same thing happened to me in a very different way.

Extremely evil chick whom I despise:  (lots of useless stuff which I forgot including something about how great my hair looked – FYI, that day, my tresses resembled like it was ravaged by cannibalistic goats): “can you do it?”
Me: …uh, I don’t…know…
EEC: Oh, please! Please, T! Pleeeeaseeee. 
Me (trying hard not to kill myself with the pen): All hope abaa – S…sure?

The thing is it took every ounce of me not to lose the semblance of composure there and then. I’m a nice person (No, seriously. I am) but then I end up getting used by people such as EEC.  Anyway, I propose that y’all practice saying ‘No’ to people like EEC because these people will continue to use you even when they write you nice messages on face the book. Hello, I regret to inform you that it is a lie – just a big conspiracy theory to wrap your minds in some weird voodoo ju-ju so you feel like you’re on crack and then wham! You’ve been served.

In other news: OhMyGoodness, I found a song today which I heard two years back but I couldn’t remember the name. This always happens. I always find forgotten songs by accident. This means…This means, I HAZ THE SUPER POWAAH.  Listening now: just for now – Imogen Heap

You infuriate me.


16 thoughts on “All Hope Abandon Ye

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  2. There are still people reading your blog you dork lol. Hello!!!!!! Im still here. You should start to learn how to say no. Its quite healthy to say the word “NO”. You dont want them bitches to keep hussiling you do you? Be strong my BFFDC!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Anas Shafqat says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing @ the EEC thing 😛
    Sadly, we the good people find it really hard to say no, and these EEC-people put this weakness to their advantage :/

    Anyway, this is the first time I’ve dropped by your blog, and after reading posts, you can be assured you’ve got a regular reader ^^

  4. Shanilie Bieber says:

    Reminds me of my ex….
    He used to say silly stuff like, ” how is the you??”…
    Nice article 😛

  5. Lizny Adam says:

    Owh.. 😛
    This reminds me of a very great person! ME!!! 😛
    I talk like this all the time, back in Australia! 😀
    So Much Fun…. 🙂
    Nice storyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

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