All Your Cakes Are Mine

Okay, I have to put this delay on the volatile emotional state I was in. Seriously, I was bawling my eyes out (WHY? GOD? WHY ME? Your good earth is laden with things that are much better than Karelay, so why this pain? ) spouting somethings which could have made Sylvia Plath sound like Ke$ha (This life is an endless unfathomable abyss; a horror show; a palace of nightmares which doesn’t end even when we die…) and literally lying comatose on my bed pretending I was Lindsay Lohan (I want another beer… J.K! Booze is Haraam, yo!) Then, I listened to David Cook for the first time after his American Idol win and his first song post-win which was something about faltering lights. Not sure.

I have come up with the assumption that Cook had an emo phase in his life and I am certainly in need of professional help to be listening to this (Not that he isn’t a talented artist – I prefer my music a little meatier) but then I opened face-the-book and read about some witches writhing in pain and agony in a status open to the world and suddenly, I felt God pouring happiness and sunshine and sparkly unicorns inside me. Wow, I’m a misogynist. Okay then.

Anyway, I promised you, fabulous stars that I’ll give you the in depth showdown to the comment I came across. You can see it in this post (I’m just doing it so you can read more of my stuff even though the comment is only one tantalizing line – You know you want to?)
Anyhooo, ”Inner beauty sh!t” – It’s actually sad that even in today’s surreal world full of high pitched cries of “Everyone is beautiful”, “Love thy body” and  Bruno Mars songs that makes you want to wrap yourself in some disturbing form and hug yourself. You still find people lurking around raining on someone’s ecstatic parade. What makes me double over and snort in derision is that these people actually think they get to decide what is beautiful. No, I shouldn’t just target this category of lovely humbugs. It’s all of us. It’s slightly amusing to find people automatically assume which thing should be called beautiful and which thing should be not.

You still need some ”Inner beauty sh!t” to have a person like you, want you and need you like Helloza? You can’t have real friends without some inner prettiness (Unless you’re Altaf Hussain – then you only need thugs to do that for you)

Love me?

And you know what: What a person is like inside reflects outside on his face as well. Maybe it’s the arch of the eyebrows that shows a certain blunt nature, The high cheekbones that emphasis a reticent side or maybe just the crooked smile. You definitely don’t want people to not want socialize with you not because of your gaping sweaty pit stains but because you be so mean and self absorbed.

Maybe that’s why I look like a cross between Amitabh Bachan, the Navi from Avatar and Veena Malik.

So, everyone of you is perfect and gorgeous just the way you are. Let no one tell you otherwise. And people who want to be your friend will be your friend no matter who you are and what you look like.

Brains and a good personality are sexy traits too, kay? Don’t hate. Appreciate.

Nobody asked me about Inner Beauty!


18 thoughts on “Nobody asked me about Inner Beauty!

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    • I’m sorry, Amnah but I think you’re referring to tVoy, no? In any case, this is my personal blog. For more details regarding tVoY, you can see the facebook page! =) Thanks for commenting.

  2. Lol, frankly the concept of inner beauty is at an all time low now a days with all the “Are you a model” or as I like to call them “Who looks more like a skeleton” shows etc. And somehow i always find that the skinnier people get the more rotten they become from the insides :S

  3. Well…to be honest, inner beauty is never under-rated. Inner beauty encompasses intelligence, wit and brains, right? That’s apart from being frank, sincere and honest among many other things. And in all my experiences, the value for all these has never depreciated. A sincere person will always be admired and an honest person will always be respected. Those who chant ‘inner beauty shit’ need to get a life, seriously!

    Fine post! And are you a part of tVoY?

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