All Your Cakes Are Mine

Awkward here.


Some of you who are very well acquainted with this girl know that my born day passed by just a month ago :

How I tried to be on my birthday in my head

HEY! NO NOSE! This is how I actually felt on my birthday. The abnormal growth of my arms here are due to teh lulz.

and since it was a day which I don’t share with anybody (Actually I do. When you have family half the population of my country. By God, there is little you can’t share. But whateves. I’ll pretend I have amnesia) So, It begged me to prolong the celebration and thus no happy posts on your munchkin screens! *highly dramatic gasp*

I do believe, I’ve gotten wiser and more beautifull-er.

^LAWL! I think I might have bust a nerve  just by joining the two sentences together.

The ratio of my having an awkward encounter with some stranger has jumped – that includes eye contact (why hellloooo extremely attracti – Oh crap, he just looked! Shit. This sucks! WAI IS LAYFE SO HARD?)

–>Awkward conversation

(In a godawful meeting where I was trying to self- induce a coma)

Person on my right: I really do think that Aragorn could have been fleshed out a bit more.

Me (all of God’s heavenly light suddenly energizing my bones): I know right! Plus, J.R Tolkien never gave out Aragorn’s depth of emotions! There is absolutely no dimension given to Arwen’s personality. Did Aragorn stoop to this level of superficiality? if he could only see I could- (clearing throat) I mean, someone else could have been perfect for him. 

Person (suddenly realizing I was speaking, and turned around): I was talking about Eragon. Not Lord Of The Rings.

Me: Oh…

>Awkward Hug:

*both trying to hug but ensued with me head butting her*

Friend: Owwwww!

Me: …

See, I pull awkwardness towards me. Do you?