News worthy

Mr. Ridiculously Photogenic

I do believe I'm God's gift to mankind.

The photo of this man (Left) in the middle of a 10k run has apparently gone viral over the internet. Why you ask? I will explain in a moment. Why did it seem so newsworthy to many news websites, particularly, yahoo? I dunno.

Apparently Mr. Ridiculously Photogenic, as he has been aptly named, was snapped while he was running –  with a charming smile on his face (Hold your hearts, ladies and some gentlemen). His hair being lightly tousled by the wind as the other runners around him struggle and pant to complete this tortur – I mean, run.

To be fair, he does look incredibly good in the middle of a run. If It was me, I would be tripping behind Mr. Ridiculous covered in sweat, angry red blotches and panting like a dying dog. Of course, being captured like this would mean that many people out there would think I was running away from the police or the mafia and was either mentally challenged/in need of E.R.

Mona Lisa of Our Generation


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