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Fever (A Chemical Garden Trilogy) Book#2

I’ve just finished reading Lauren DeStefano’s “Fever” which is the 2nd book in the Chemical Garden Trilogy. Wither – the 1st book – was an exceptionally brilliant debut. After the massive success that was Hunger Games, there was a sudden plethora of Dystopian literature targeted at Young adults everywhere and to be honest, most of them didn’t catch my fancy. However, Wither, thankfully, didn’t let me down and I gulped it all up.

The story centers around Rhine, a girl who is kidnapped and sold off as a bride to a rich man “Linden” along with two other girls in a world where science tried to create the perfect human being bereft of disease but the experiment failed horribly and the new generation has to pay the price with their life -all women live only to age twenty and men to age twenty-five.

Throw in polygamous marriages, evil scientist father – in – law, and a sense of gloom and mystique shrouded behind wealth and riches, Rhine desperately wishes to escape this prison of gold before the virus ends her short life.

Wither was so awesome; I was almost teensy weensy scared for its sequel and it seemed I was right. Fever barely rises to the same level of Wither and although I enjoyed it. To me, it seemed…meh.

Here’s what happens: (Heads up! These are spoilers by the way)

1. Arrive onshore, stumble around in the dark towards a wheel of lights. 
2. Get caught by a psychotic brothel madame. 
3. Drugs. Hallucinations. 
4. More drugs. Get sick. Hallucinations.
5. Escape while experiencing hallucinations. 
6. Get sick in van. 
7. Be sick and get assaulted in restaurant. 
8. Be sick in bus. 
9. Depression in Manhattan. Check burned house. Check slightly mad, missing twin, Check hallucinations nostalgia. 
10. Get violently sick. 
11. Get kidnapped by eevvvaal father-in-law and vomiting on his lapels. 
12. Depression. Extreme level of sickness. Experimentation. Hallucinations. People waiting to die, or dead.
13. Be rescued by Linden who still loves Rhine even though she ditched him for another man but doesn’t believe her when she tells him his father is a deranged old loony who is experimenting on his brides in the basement. (I mean seriously, Linden, you live in the same house for God sake. Yo father is yo baby killa!)

I just really want to fart…or fall sick again.

Anyway, Destefano’s pretty prose was the best thing about the book. I couldn’t help feeling what Rhine felt. (Yes, the innumerable spells of sickness, included) and she paints such a vivid picture of dreary Manhattan and the morbid brothel. The secondary characters introduced in the book didn’t bother me but Gabriel – Rhine’s lover – did. That boy has no personality and he was hallucinating half the book so there. Someone please give him a personality or let evil father-in-law experiment on him and then kill him off. Kthankxbye.

Have you read Wither or Fever or thinking about reading it? Did you like it?


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