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My Strange Addiction – We Live In A Crazy World!

Yes, I’m going to be revealing what my strange obsession is in this very post.

Psych! I am perfectly normal and capable of basic human emotions. Maybe I should feel insulted if you clicked on this post wanting to read all about my disturbing and sickening habits. May I remind you, having a  mild interest in rampaging squirrels, Katanas and zombie goat apocalypse is not strange behavior.

I shall buy a squirrel and name it “Shakira Van Der Jolie” or maybe “Princess LedZeppelin”
Likes? Decide for me?

Anyway,this post is about this reality show (My Strange Addiction) I literally stumbled upon earlier this week. It’s another welcome addition to the crazy pop culture of this world where delightful individuals with serious untreated mental issues are shown on the telly as they unveil their disgusting  unusual addictions.

Apparently you can guess that these people are suffering from something because they’re practically agreeing to these:  be watched by thousands of people.  Agree to be labelled as a freak for the rest of your lives.

I watched one episode where this woman is addicted to drinking her own urine because y’know nothing is more healthier or “comforting” than drinking your own urine.

I’m preparing for my trip to the Sahara Desert. 

Another one showed a man is in an intimate relationship with his car and then to add more horror and glee, he confesses this to his father on camera. However, I (and many, many others who express joy at seeing parents/guardians exploding in rage on screen) was sorely disappointed. Instead, the father was mystified – or appalled or maybe both. Be glad he didn’t have a stroke or something.

One of my favorite (after the urine drinker, of course) is Shower hair drain collector –  Another young man in desperate need for help. How do the producers find these people? During the episode, the guy makes this harrowing statement “…the game starts when I see the homeowner and I make the prediction that how much hair she has in her drain and then I have to find out.” – This is not creepy at all. Imagine waltzing inside your house only to find some random dude bent over your drain.

This is such an interesting show. Watch it, y’all. Show this stuff to your Momma and Paw-Paw – they would appreciate, for once, how considerably sane their child is, compared to the people in the show.


9 thoughts on “My Strange Addiction – We Live In A Crazy World!

  1. I’ve seen one or two episodes. Some were a lot creepier than what you described. I stopped because while I respect their strange addictions and their quest, sometimes, for professional help, I found it a total waste of my time. I just thought there were a lot better programs to consider than this.

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  3. You said show your family such stuff and they would appreciate, for once, how considerably sane their child is, compared to the people in the show.

    But don’t you think they will think how insane their kidz are 2 WATCH THIS TYPE OF SHOW???????????

    Because I know mine would!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Haha, less insane, nevertheless. 😉
      I’ll probably watch it for a good laugh and entertainment, (Hey, the producers are clever to cash in on the curiosity generated by the show) but to actually try one of that is beyond my realm.

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