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Psychic Diorama

The sound of Azaan resonates in my ears. I lay perfectly still. My stomach churning from the dizzying array of thoughts unfurling in my head. One twist there, another spin. I am reeling – this is all in my head.

You call my name, It loosens something inside me. The Azaan continues. My toes curl in response, arms raise in despair. I laugh, but it sounds like a whimper from a baby.

You leave like the last feeble ray of sunshine. The Azaan stops. I lay petrified, hoping I won’t break into shards, listening to the sound of defeat that spills out of me.

And we’re all scouring for something…like a pack of rats.


Black (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I’m currently having a depressive streak (usual stuff) so no happy posts today instead I just wrote what I felt.
I’ll be back to my cray-cray self in no time! 

18 thoughts on “Psychic Diorama

    • I’m surprised that this comment wasn’t posted before. Shocker!
      Wafa, I didn’t mean it to be literal. It was my way of playing around with words. 🙂 Whether or not, I offered prayers is a different matter, but no. No, I didn’t.
      Thank You for commenting!

      • I’m pretty sure you have your reasons when you say that.
        But since you don’t know the exact context of what led me to write it, I don’t think you understand this post.
        Thanks for coming back here!

  1. Blood-Ink-Diary says:

    first, thanks for visiting my blog through which I have discovered yours! Hurrah!
    This post is being ‘real’ to yourself, and well said! Light & love. Cheers.

    • When I’m depressed, talking is the last thing on my mind. Also I don’t like to express what I’m going through with other people like it is a discussion topic about my head.
      So writing works for me. It is my crack.

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