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You Can’t Have A Twitter Tea-Party Without These

Can I just say HOMG? I came across a really amazing thing when my friends and I were in the college cafeteria where, as usual, I was dreaming about stuffing artery clogging french fries (Because nearly everything that clogs your arteries tastes divine) when we suddenly saw this:

Legit biscuits from the hood.
Would you like them with tea?

Immediately, my reaction was first of pure bewilderment: “Oh hellz yes, are you seeing this? Twitter biscuits? This just proves that God is here. God show yourself! ” and then I went, “Wait. Isn’t this illegal? Would we be committing a crime by knowingly buying this? Like crack cocaine?” and then I started cackling silently which totally meant I was thinking of buying them. Instead I took out my pre-historic phone and captured a horrible quality picture before proceeding to fondle the packet which was apparently inappropriate because someone wrenched it out of my hands.

Our excitement was so infectious upon finding the Twitter yummeries, that the man behind the counter, who had no inkling what Twitter was and why a bunch of girls were suddenly acting like they have just seen galloping rainbow unicorns bludgeoning someone’s head (No, that was just me), started chuckling as well even though he was probably confused.

Twitter spreads smiles. Tis’ true, fellas.


12 thoughts on “You Can’t Have A Twitter Tea-Party Without These

  1. I think by naming them Twitter the makers of those biscuits may have made a perfectly good tasting (you have to tell us how they tasted) snack seem silly and posturing. Or, maybe, it’s just me :).

    You may be writing to escape, but from the little I have seen so far of your blog, your writing does much more than merely amuse.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog, Tayyaba! It is indeed a joy to read your writings…you write very well, it’s entertaining and newsy…will be in touch.. 🙂

  3. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Oh dear, I’m still so old fashioned. I heard on the radio today WRITING EMAILS IS OLD HAT!! I have no twitter. But I’ll probably just save weight! 🙂

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