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It’s Raining Quizzes and Assignments, And How Come Buffy Is In Here?

You would not believe how hectic the last week has been. Since finals are approaching, there has been this abundant shower of projects and quizzes. Last night, I was working on a news story covering the water shortage of a particular area in the city till three in the morning and then I tried making my own coffee for once. It tasted like dung. And feet. And gums that have scurvy. (I have not tried any of the mentioned things but I’m sure they’re not appetizing)

Anyway, since my mother is so technologically challenged, she padded over to me and asked me to set the alarm for tomorrow.

My mother: Could you please set the alarm for 4.45 a.m?
(hands me the phone)
Me: Okay. (Could feel her staring at me) Uh, what?
My Mother: Have you seen the state of your eyes?
Me: No, because I don’t have a huge mirror in my room. If there was a huge mirror in my room, I would have known.
My Mother: Stop that. You have a very large mirror right there.
Me: but is it large enough? Is it, mum?
My Mother(clearly annoyed): Go to sleep early, alright? Your eyes are begging for some shut-eye with those shadows.Why can’t you just close that darned laptop for once?
Me: (Hands over her phone)
My Mother: What time did you set it?
Me: 4.45? That’s what you told me.
My Mother: Oh. (squints at her phone, then squints at me) Go to sleep! Or I’ll tell your father –

For the sake of brevity, I’ll end it right here. Even though my mother has a more terrorizing presence, she occasionally uses the ‘I’ll tell yo father’ threat, hoping it would make us tremble and sputter as if Buffy just teleported herself to Pakistan and is going to stake us. Which is ridiculous because the religious fundos would probably kill Buffy first because of her indecent attire which could corrupt the pliable minds of the youth and spread immoral cancer.

Haw – Haw


20 thoughts on “It’s Raining Quizzes and Assignments, And How Come Buffy Is In Here?

  1. 4.45 your folks are early risers !

    Leave it to mother’s and daughters to squabble over the most trivial things you could imagine. The conversations(If you could call it that) between my sister and mother have subtle hidden sub-texts which needs to be traced back to conversations which can go back weeks, months horror of horrors sometimes even years.
    You don’t know who is winning. Both of them are adept passive aggressive players, you see.

    The plot of Inception is easier to understand.

    I suspect somehow its played out to fulfill their personal desires to the lives they watch in hindi soaps. Realizing their lives aren’t half as exciting and thus needing to create some unwarranted drama.

    • Ah, that’s my mother. She’s the one who’s up and about in the wee hours of the morning. It’s a mission for me to drag myself out of bed.

      It is indeed horrific. I can understand your sentiments. Oh well, that’s us!

      Hahaha, comparison with hindi soaps, eh! Wait. Let me get my saari and face plant myself in foundation. I do need to have some excitement in life. 😉
      Thanks for the comment, Misaal!

  2. I’m sure your mother is right about the sleep bit, but lets face it she has a daughter who knows how to work her phone for hr and thats not something to sniff about. Now, how do I set my alarm

  3. All mothers are like that. Its there way of telling that they love and care about you.
    I saw your comment on my blog thanx for visiting anyway I found out you got 1 too so I visited yours.
    Great work but you sure use difficult words at least they are 4 me and I am doing BS(HON)English:)
    But my vocabulary not that good.
    Again great work. keep it up tabby

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