All Your Cakes Are Mine

I Don’t Want Any Crazy Mojo Because I Love My Eyes

This girl just bore the onslaught of project deadlines and presentations, and is currently studying/suffering. Finals. Here.

The entire week had been so crazy, that I could have just asked the Illuminati to help me. After all, hello? Every one knows Beyonce’s gyrating moves are just a huge symbolism for Illuminati’s involvement. That’s how everyone becomes a celeb overnight! They just call up the big dude and go, “Hey mayn, I’m ready to sell my soul, and have my own tub of money. Sure I’ll go to hell and stuff but that’s totes cool.”  and they probably have to cut a pure soul over a sacred piece of rock (Reference: The artistic “Jennifer’s Body” starring tragic pure soul a.k.a Megan Fox) but since I dunno who the big dude is, I would have to work like a slave in the mean time.
That’s Okay with me, I guess. I don’t want an unhinged, monstrous Megan Fox trying to claw my eyeballs out.

Moral of the story: Illuminati can give you fame – and also take your eyeballs.

Look at all the cool tricks I can do – This and eating yo’ face.


12 thoughts on “I Don’t Want Any Crazy Mojo Because I Love My Eyes

  1. Hey Tab…thanks for the “like” on my post.
    yuck, shiver, shudder, yaaaay!……just had a flashback of college Notice it ended with a yaaay!…all the best with your finals and I pray you haze a smooth ride from yuck to yaaaay…. (smile)
    Shalom! Kim.

  2. Sorry Tab, that should be “have” and definitely not “haze”…….side effects of the college finals flashback…….lol…..Kim

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