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Ash In Your Mouth

Your mouth is full of ash, but you manage to sputter out pretty words. If I unwrap all of them, they reek of lies and whispers about tearing down

Painting "Still life with white tea-cup&q...

Painting “Still life with white tea-cup”, by Russian artist Kapitolina Rumiantseva (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

my heart.

And then we’re talking again; and I’m counting the time. None of it seems real, especially the winding lines deep in your skin. On your face. One second, one line.
I smile, your eyes linger on my lips.

A frail ray of sunlight hits you in the face, and the tea cup is knocked out of your hands.

The liquid escapes. You curse. Ash everywhere.


14 thoughts on “Ash In Your Mouth

  1. abasnoor says:

    This is deeply emotional. The color of ash goes well with image chosen; I’m questioning the significance of the tea cup. And the point of using “escape” when bringing the water to life. “One second, one line.” Is this origin of lines in the skin.

    This is beautiful. And sad.

    • Thank You!
      In most middle eastern and south asian countries, drinking tea almost has its own cultural significance. What I tried to show from the tea cup and the tea is that the people inside my fragmented story are related, maybe even intimate.
      Thank you so very much for the nice comment!

  2. Ash… the left overs of burnt out words? But then the embers often remain hidden.. Beautifully written..

    BTW thanks for visiting my blog

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