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Eeps! First Nomination! And A Lot Of Other Stuff As I Reveal My Soul

This is the day I’ve been waiting for my whole life. Is this a dream? Am I hallucinating from the drugs that I secretly snorted? (Just Kidding! I no drugs. Drugs bad) Anyway, it was an extremely good – nay – supahmegaawesome day that I got nominated for an award by two lovely people, Momina and Nick (Never met them but they sound extremely fabulous)
I’d like to make a speech, but I won’t since I’m not original and the content is similar to the one I have for when I will win my Oscar so how about we wait for say, 10/20 years for me to surprise y’all? Cool? Awesome. Anyway, this award filled the cracks in my heart so thank you.

Okay so, I have to post 11 facts about myself , according to the tag.
How about I do five? Yes, breaking rules like a badass! Also I think someone might throw up because of too much excess of writes2escape. It’s not like I don’t talk about myself at all in those other blog posts.

1. I’m agent Observant with a capital ‘O’! Literally, my entire life has been dedicated (not willingly) to watching people. No, I’m not a creeper, and I don’t enjoy accidently looking at you while you mine for gold in your nose or other delicate places. My rods and cones will never be the same.

2. I’m awkward? Lol. If that wasn’t evident from my previous posts.

3. I like to doodle and do reenactments of women’s Olympic free style swimming. In my small bath tub. My face is mostly doing the swimming.

4. I can’t, for the love of God, console crying women.  Mostly, there is spastic flailing from my side as I panic to think of some words. I can’t. I just can’t. Every time somebody is pulling out all the water works. My first reaction: “Oh. Hell.” Insert look of pain and horror.

5.  I’m a huge TV Shows junkie since I have no social life to speak of. Woot Woot! and I will continue to watch alien insects pour out of the man’s mouth on this show. You want to join me for some sexy extra terrestrial time? No? Okay. Fine. Go be sad and morbid and not awesome at all.

Okay, Momina tagged me in these 11 questions – which I have to answer or else she’ll hunt me down and maim my hands and then there will be no more posts because no hands. So: Q/A time.

  • Favorite quote, and why? 

“What can I do with my Happiness? How can I keep it, conceal it, bury it where I may never lose it? I want to kneel as it falls over me like                       rain, gather it up with lace and silk, and press it over myself again.” – Anais Nin.
I like it because you can feel this passion, this longing for happiness and the despair that comes along with it when you realize you can’t clutch something so intangible.

  • One thing about you that people wouldn’t assume by looking at you?
    That I might obsess over cake?
  • Would you rather forgive something said about you or verbally lash the person who said it?
    It depends. If it’s something funny like, “HER HAIRSSS SMELT LIKE A POSSUM BLED IN THERE!” then I won’t give a rip. I’ll even joke how you sound endearingly Gollum-like.
    However, I will attempt to kill you if you touched my sensitive spot.

    He’s even holding a possum like animal! My posssssummmmm!

  • Something about you that makes you really proud
    I’m hard working and a perpetual good girl. So, Yay.
  • A single favorite book you wouldn’t mind reading twice or thrice. Why?
    Harry Potter series. Or LOTR. I won’t mind Pride and Prejudice either.
  • One person whose (God forbid) death would change you? Why?
    Each and every person who has effected my life in some way would definitely change something in me when they’re gone.
  • What’s that which you desire the most from life?
  • Your favorite word. Yes, word.
    Haha, they keep changing. Right now, it’s “Totes”
  • Beauty comes from ______ ?
    When you allow people to breathe in unprejudiced air. Also unicorns.
  • Five thing that life is about.
    It’s about finding yourself in the dark. It’s about tucking in your feet when the tide is high, and you’re afraid that you’ll be swept away. It’s about taking someone’s hand and then letting go. It’s about expressing yourself in words and sentences and music and thoughts that disappear like a wisp of smoke. It’s about listening to each and every pretty sound in this entire, complicated and bright universe.
  •   Words for you are?
    Oh, I’m nothing but a smile and curly hair.

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24 thoughts on “Eeps! First Nomination! And A Lot Of Other Stuff As I Reveal My Soul

  1. YAY!!! I am so glad you did this post! 😀

    And I find it impossible that a person as witty as you would have no social life!!! You are lying right?

    I wouldn’t have killed you really, but mera dil kirchi kirchi ho jata!

    P.s. I love your answers! 😛

    • I have friends, just prefer me some lonely existence – I’m kidding, I’m boring. I like to watch aliens eat human survivors rather than have a rave. 😉
      Aww, I’m glad your heart is still in one piece! Loved the questions! Thanks again!

      • So you are kind of like the aliens’ envoy waiting for your kin wad to take over? :O
        And you are manipulating our thoughts with your blog?

        Am I over thinking this?

        Thank you ^.^

      • LAWL! Maybe? I’ll probably never hand you over to the aliens, fo’ sure.
        You are definitely thinking this, my sweet friend! 😉

        You’re welcome. Heart.

  2. squirrel circus says:

    You’re so sweet! Thanks for thinking of me 🙂 Love your vry interesting answers. Will try to do the same…good questions, Momina!

  3. Love ya!! for-
    1)Harry potter [ my favorite book…seriously crazy about it!!- Namrata D]
    2) Love the LOTR movies(mostly the guys) but didn’t read the books. Didn’t get time. Also mum will freak if I bring another humongous book home.
    3) You are so like us! though probably you are lying about the ‘socially awkward’ thing.
    4) You got curly hair? Ditto!

    • Oh God, You’re totes my sister from another mother!
      Ah, the guys from LOTR! Yum, I have to say. Got a huge crush on Aragorn when I saw him in the movies. He’s amazing in the books as well. Legolas is totally pretty.

      Haha, I have friends. I don’t have a forever alone thing going on, at the moment. But I do get my crazy (not the great kind) on at a social gathering. The details are gruesome.

      Aw, Hi, Curly haired awesome women!

  4. drsuraiyanasim says:

    You are so bindaaas tabby! You remind me of my best friend. She doesn’t have a blog but i am sure if she had one she wud write like you. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    My hearty congrats to you. Can’t believe this is your first one. You deserve many more. 🙂

      • drsuraiyanasim says:

        And so do you my awesomeness!!! 🙂
        Yeah, she is totally cool …. a bit far now and busy in her life but we keep in touch. She is still my “tear-wiper” and “back to earth babe…stop feeling sorry for yourself you bimbo” kinda- friend. 🙂
        I think you are one of the coolest bloggers i have read yet. Love your “in-your-face” honest writing. Keep it up!

      • Thank you so very much, Suraiya! If I’m not careful, I might end up a bloated mess, reading your perfectly sugary words. 😉

        She sounds like an amah-zing person. And what luck! She has a great friend like you!

      • drsuraiyanasim says:

        I am not trying to sugar-coat…..i mean, these are genuine and honest words. After a really long time, a blog made me smile and laugh to myself. 🙂
        Thanks yaar…..for calling me a “great friend”. Most humbled. Looking forward to reading more from you.

  5. Pingback: Liebster Love « squirrel circus

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