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Eid, Eidi Dilemma And Henna With An Imaginary Nefarious Plot

So It was Eid.
For all of you who don’t what “Eid” is, I’ll quickly fill you in: It’s a Muslim holiday marking the end of Ramadan (the month of fasting, and inner spirituality) Basically, we make all sorts of yummeries, wear nice clothes, meet and greet relatives even though we don’t want to,  smile at people you actually want to stab and the younger lot get their Eidi (money and gift) from their elders.

Occasionally some elders might try the “cheap ass trick” where they will try to appease you with a 100 rupee* (Or God Forbid, even less than that. Um yeah, hi. This isn’t 1995!) when your feet are touching their plush rug. Irony.

When I was a wee child, so precocious for my age, my uncle tried to hand me a 100 rupee note.

Me (Nausea setting in): Thank you so much, Uncle!

What my face was saying: Oh Hell No. You just made me do my “You-stole-an-unborn-(and obvs, not mine)-baby, I-will-cut-you” face.

So yes, please don’t let any child make their “I will throttle you in your bed” expression. Give them lots of money happiness.

The girls also apply henna on their hands because it’s festive, holla! Henna is pretty, and you can make all sorts of gorgeous patterns over your hands and feet – and it’s totally temporary (Check for allergies though)
Below is a Mehndi cone, I often pretend that it’s the wand that I will use in Hogwarts, or maybe to poke someone’s cornea out. Fun stuff – seriously, there is a needle sticking out of this thing.

Magical Mehndi only for you.

This year, my friends’ hands are a delight to see with their hot damn! color and motifs – while mine looks like I drew Illuminati symbols.  YAY FOR ILLUMEEENATI, amiright? 

Mehndi design that has a mind of its own – Beware!

*100 rupee is not like $100, okay? Our economy is in shambles. 100 rupee doesn’t even get you a Happy Meal! 


48 thoughts on “Eid, Eidi Dilemma And Henna With An Imaginary Nefarious Plot

  1. Eid Mubarak
    hope you had a good one even with all that’s said
    Just the joy of completing Ramadan is enough without all the other pomp that follows festivities 🙂

  2. I find Eid to be incredibly boring. I like your take on it though. :]
    Haha, this Eid was okay in terms of Eidi, though. One Eid, somebody gave me Rs. 100 in ten Rupee notes. The horror.

  3. Belated id mubarak! …Sorry…didnt wish you earlier cause you knoe we are in some sort of cave girls scenario with no net…or electricity..
    anyways lots of happiness to you ….pssst…we dont mind getting some eidi..

    • Oh My, that sounds serious. Are you girls okay? I would have tried cutting my foot off without internet.

      I’ve just stumbled out of my gruesome teens. I’m still a child according to my parents. 😉 But I promise I shall give-eth Eidi once I’m like…fifty. YAY!

      • no net is hopeless (though sneaking helps!) its just that with the midterms going on, our parents think we are not supposed to be privileged with net…(or live our life)

  4. “meet and greet relatives even though we don’t want to, smile at people you actually want to stab” haha so true.
    Btw nicely written, and belated Eid Mubarak.

  5. AnkitaD says:

    Whoa! I haven’t seen the mehendi cones these days. Needle at the end, eh? Another great way to take over the world!

    Are those names on your hand. ‘Cuz i think I saw ‘Priya’. Or ‘Jriya’. =_=”

    • Legit stuff, girrrl. 😉 Haha, Henna cones rock!

      LOLOLOLOL. Really? I assure you I have no lover by the name of Priya or…Jriya? Or maybe it’s a sign I’m going to meet someone by that name. Totes possible.

  6. scribbleofhappygoluckygal says:

    getting eidi was the best part before maraige..!! now though iam not so found of it..!! coz I have to give:):)

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