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“I’m not fair, but I am lovely” – Yes, You Totally Are

I found this on another page, and immediately fell in love.

#So full of awesome win.
This cultural imperialistic idea of idealized beauty – having fair skin – needs to be shown the backdoor.
Dark skin is NOT a stigma as many “whitening creams” portray it to be in their shoddy advertisements.
Please get this “white skin = meet the prince, job, confidence, susraal of your dreams!” shit off of the television. Thanks.


35 thoughts on ““I’m not fair, but I am lovely” – Yes, You Totally Are

    • It’s actually a parting gift given to us by the colonial powers. White skin was/is considered to be inherently superior to any other shade. While the subcontinent (and other nations) struggled against the British empire, they [the British] made sure to subconsciously get this message through to every native.

  1. so true…i think this obsession with white skin especially in the subcontinent is due to the effect the British colonial Raj has left on the collective psyche of the population…you can observe that effect in the bureaucracy of our countries as well where the “gora sahib” has been replaced with the westernised “brown sahib”

    • Exactly, Hussain.
      As I said on an earlier comment, this is a post colonial “gift” – and even though we’re free of the colonial rule, in reality, we’re subconsciously still enslaved to believe and follow this crap.

  2. drsuraiyanasim says:

    Waytago!!! Kick-ass!!! Amazing , to-the-point and in-your-face!
    I don’t understand that kind of mind-set. Beauty is skin-deep. I have seen some gorgeous dusky women btw!

  3. You said it girl!
    Last year when we were looking for a bride for my cousin bro(arrange marriages!) there was this really pretty girl and super nice! My relatives… Gosh! They were like she is good but a bit dark….what crap?
    Though the awesome thing is that my brother loved her in first sight!

  4. Having a fair skin is \”culturally\” considered as a privilege. And cultural values, in majority of cases, are even stronger than laws. No matter how illogical these values happen to be, we are bound to accept them without question.

    Horton & Hunt, in their book of Sociology, went to the limit of saying that we all follow cultural patterns, values and mores, even without realizing it. They further argue that even the most notable rebels of history had never quit following these values completely.

    Best wishes.

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