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Absolutely right. This film is a vile piece of crap, yes but attacking your own people (and others) and burning down your own country just to show your outrage is stupid. Stop. We’re playing right into the hands of the ones who want to annihilate us.


mohamed el dahshan. economist, writer, speaker, compulsive traveller.

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“I demand the expulsion of diaspora Copts from Egypt,” said a placard held by a young man in jeans and a T-shirt at the U.S. embassy protest here in Cairo yesterday. On a day of absurdity and horror, this offered a bit of comic relief in an otherwise incomprehensible sequence of events.

I keep sighing as I write this.

The story in brief: An idiot makes a really bad film featuring Prophet Mohammed and his contemporaries as a bunch of bloodthirsty idiotic pederasts. According to the film, Muhammad was an illegitimate child, and the Quran was written by his wife’s cousin, and current-day Muslims go around slaughtering Christians. And that’s just in the 13-minute preview that has been making the rounds on the internet (the authenticity of which has been confirmed). Yes, it’s chock-full of all the usual Muslim-hating stereotypes, and then some.

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