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I See I-Phone 5 Everywhere, Also I’m Getting Old – Wow

I’m sorry for not updating this blog as often as I want to because the semester has officially decided to torture me.

Which means more resentment and hostility coming from here. What joy. Celebrate, y’all.

In other news: I’ve just realized the freshmen are roughly the same age as my little sister – this is totally unacceptable. My bones ache when I see the lot strolling in the cursed university courtyard. I haven’t felt this physically drained since Simon Cowell decided to leave American Idol [which, consequently, led to the massive khoon kharaba (slaughter) of the show]

Also, everybody’s talking about S3s and I-Phone 5 and how they’re going to be buy it even though they already have pretty sick phones, and I’m standing here clutching my ghetto ass loyal Nokia phone from the Roaring Twenties (“OhJesus, that thing is really old, T. Let me shove my wehshi phone in your face, and moan on Face The Book about Slick Phone Problems“)





Vom. Stop. Okay?
Also Pakistan doesn’t have 3G or 4G network soo – Yeah, I’ll stick to the relic of a phone I have, thanks.

Anyway, I have to go massage my bunions now, along with trying to come in terms with the fact that my bones are growing old and that every new batch would be younger than the previous one and so God help me, have to continue on with the hate, yes. And graduate. Woot!


19 thoughts on “I See I-Phone 5 Everywhere, Also I’m Getting Old – Wow

  1. This post reminds me of all the conspiracies I plotted to get rid of my (accursed)Nokia….
    Also hate the freshmen parents even more with their ‘beta college kesa hai ?’ interrogations…. 😀

      • Well it’s an epic tale of hate,adventure and drama……at first innocent attempts of not charging,putting just a million stickers+disco on back cover and accidentally forgetting it to take it anywhere,
        desperate times call for desperate measures.these involved banging the phone against the floor,dropping it from great heights and taking it out for walks in heavy rain.
        Not that these things caused any harm to THE Nokia.
        in the end my Dad could no longer stand my antics and got me a new phone.True story.

        P.S Thank you for visiting my blog.

  2. drsuraiyanasim says:

    Lol…lol….lol…dear, dear Tabby…you are so amusing you make me smile and laugh all the time! 😀

    Btw, keep it a secret…i have a Nokia too (N73)…which is like ages….any my younger bro possesses all kinds of dainty gadgets including the ruthless i-phone 4s (sigh! woe to me!).

    I keep whining and eating my parents heads about how i am getting older ….and my parents are like- “yeah right and we should be dead by now!!!”…lol 😛
    Those freahmen always look so young and hip and happening…and more gorgeous…uuuggghhhh!!!!!
    I have known the feeling!

    To make you feel better and younger ;)…..i have nominated you for the “Liebster award”. My hearty congrats dear. Please link back to my post and check it out:

    • Oh My, Thank you so very much, Suraiya! Too sweet!

      You should get a new phone ASAP. Your brother is stealing all the glory!

      Sigh. I’m glad someone understand where I’m coming from. Just too sad.

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