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Yes, This Blog Is Alive

If you’ve been with this blog for a long time (longer than 7 months) you’d probably know (fo’ realz) that I’m not dead – and my promise of “I’M BACK!” is laced with half baked truth (always) and that I will probably return to jot down the immature, the ridiculous and the weird.
I’m currently suffering from ‘permanent upper lip sweat syndrome’ – Summer has been ruthless so far, and I’m thinking that this is what Hell would probably be like. I’m now really worried about my chances. God, is this some sort of sign you’re throwing my way?

In other news, these past 6 months had been a rush. I got done with my 6th semester, and my finals went so very amazing (and I also have an illegal opium farm and a thriving marijuana crop now. Psych!) What is shocking is that I now know  how to make pakoras and fries. Yes, you can eat them and NOT die. How awesome is that! Virtual Hi-fives, y’all. So if I’m ever in that ‘lonely-island-infested-with-potatoes-stranded-me-found-magical-oil-and-utensils-under-mystical-rock‘ situation, I can totally survive. Trust.






It’s pretty obvious that all good comes with some bad too, so these 6 months weren’t exactly a joyride. I had some health issues, and some academic issues, with some sprinkling of family drama but I suppose, I shouldn’t wallow in despair right now. Especially since I have so much work to actually think about all that.

Yes. I have an internship. Pretty soon, all you will see in this blog will be tales of the murder of my vacations, how I thwarted demonic chairs and bombardment of  food photos.

What is happening in your life right now? Share, Share.


7 thoughts on “Yes, This Blog Is Alive

  1. A lot of things that I would have avoided had I given the chances. On top of them is the summer heat. Humid weather actually makes me lazy, keeps me indoors and thus makes me unproductive. Nothing disappoints me more than an unproductive day, which my every day has been like all this summer. 😦

    • Hii!
      I hear you. The summer heat has been brutal. Does most of your work requires you to be outside?
      I’d like to offer my sympathies and an alternative but I can’t think of an alternative right now. The heat, y’know.

      • Not really.I only need a laptop and internet to work. But the thing is, hot weather makes our home hot. 😦 and over here AC isn’t generally at every home. So I kinda sweat sitting in my bedroom.

  2. Its got pretty warm here, by whimpering British standards, and I am already refreshing and re learning my expressions of self pity in readiness for the unendurable suffering which this afternoons blazing sun will bring. When is that ambulance arriving with a supply of soothing chilled beer

    • A friend of mine just went to Britain for the vacations – She was literally crying with happiness at the pleasant weather over there.
      I suppose, it’s much, much better over there than being roasted in Pakistani heat.
      So enjoy the summer! =]

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