All Your Cakes Are Mine, The Dreary

Office (Mis)adventures Part I

Accidentally stepped on a coworker’s foot at the office.

I seriously felt like a stampeding horse because of the way she almost doubled over in pain. Worse still, she had hurt her hand a few days before so her whole arm was in a sling. I wanted to die.

If I wasn’t concentrating so hard on the godforsaken printer because okay, I get nervous around bits of technology (and they tend to spontaneously explode/malfunction around me) This wouldn’t have happened. I wouldn’t have to bend down to grab the papers and take a step back – AND CRUSH HER TOES LIKE THE HORSE THAT I AM.

Not creepy at all.

Not creepy at all.









For 5 minutes, all I could say was “I’m so sorry!” while gazing in horror at her foot (and the heavily bandaged hand) I don’t think I can ever make eye contact with her after this. Great way to make an impression. Woo.

Apart from the gory drama, I have been eating this cake for the past three days which was awesome until I started getting nauseous at the end.  Of course, I have a crap quality picture which I edited (Meaning: I put in dozens of those Instagram filters, yeah)  I will put it here for your visual pleasure.

You can't see it clearly but heck yes, it was good.

You can’t see it clearly but heck yes, it was good.


19 thoughts on “Office (Mis)adventures Part I

  1. hello feminist 😛 and well this new look bodes really well on eyes and I see a picture of your’s too 😛 waah.
    and what are you really doing at internship? I thought you wanted to be a novel writer and didn’t learn anything in University :p

    • Hello, Hello! TyrionVoldemort. =p
      I know. I’m trying to see how attaching myself to a horse’s body feels like.

      Urgh. Yeah, but I need to get out of this joint and I need to do an internship to graduate. SADNESS. It’s actually not that bad. At Least I’m getting a lot of writing practice, SO not a complete bust. YAY.

    • No, no. It’s just that they give me a lot of writing stuff – like articles, waghaira. =p Proofreading and stuff. I’ll tell you the organization’s name on facebook. Definitely not an advertising agency. Kind of a motley of advertising, marketing, event management, PR work.

      Abbu ko bta kar kya karna hay? :O I envy you. I want to do nothing but facebook too.

  2. Wait ! are u a student of mass communication?

    And its ok, you dont need to feel bad about stepping on their foot. Some people dont even bother saying sorry after having done blunders.

  3. Tayyaba!!! You are back! :’)
    Me and my sister once ate half a cheese cake in the middle of the night. Got so nauseatic that I never touched a cheesecake again. :3 Well not really, we eventually did eat cheese cakes again.

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