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Details Unknown

Creds: Sher Ali Khan

Creds: Sher Ali Khan


You are the ink stains on my fingers

and the light pressure of my pen on the paper.

You are the pieces of a story that I’m trying to write; painstakingly collecting, and plucking them from your shadow.


You tell everyone tales about your wonderful adventures, amuse them with pictures of you spinning around in an empty room.

They know what your favorite number is, what makes you laugh and the precise shade of blush on your cheeks.

but sometimes I wonder, does anyone really know you at all?


19 thoughts on “Details Unknown

  1. Anas Shafqat says:

    I know such people; people who would talk and talk and talk but never really tell. They’d chatter about weather, people, books, movies and everything on the Earth except themselves.
    Indecipherable. Enigmatic. And they leave you with this longing .. a longing of trying to know them better.
    Good post. Keep writing, tabby 🙂

  2. Thaaanks, Anas!
    I know people who would tell so much about themselves but it’s never enough, you see. I would still be groping around, trying to find something about them that just makes them human, vulnerable, fragile.

  3. How thoughtful….I bet they don;t even know a bit about ‘you’ !! Some people know the art of pretending…They shine for some time with their noodle talks and then go down as their reality reveals. Love your writing.

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