Oh, The Things I Write About, T.V

Presenting Another One Of My Ah-Mazing Ideas While Being Sick!

Repeat after me.

 Some rain would be welcomed in my city since this flu/cough season has been around for ages and it needs to go – NOW. I had flu twice over the period of three months. INSANE, I tell ya. That never happened. Someone just put some bad ju-ju on me. All the snot and the trails of tissue paper. My own snot is grossing me out. It’s like Barney is emerging right from under my skin since I sound exactly like the creepy purple dinosaur.
So attractive, your ears would bleed. 

And there is plenty of political drama going on. I swear, I’m so up for the idea that there should be soap operas chronicling the lives of our politicians (Kyunkay Saddar b kbhi masoom tha, Kali tumhari party, PPP say PML(N) tak,  Sharif-Zordari – Aik prem kahani,  Meray bank balance ko mil gaye Roshni,  Humari Partiun ka Vivah)

My idea is awesome, and it would cure the complaints of those, including my mum, who dislike the idea of watching the news channels all the time. You’re welcome.

Mother: Main nay apna drama daekhna hay! (I want to watch my drama)
Father: Okay.
Mother: Ghar anday saath he ay wekhnay beth janday o! (As soon as you come home, you start watching the news)
Father (Very busy staring at some dudes argue over the country’s dismal economic growth rate or whatever) :…
Mother: Why are you watching this? You watched this yesterday night! It’s a re-run!