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Let’s Pretend No One Tried to Shoot Me

There are a couple of excuses running through my mind to cover up the lack of posts streaming on your munchkin screens.

1. I got married/ eloped. (The lucky person I nabbed, has a face closely resembling Johnny Depp/ Hayden Christianson/ Chad Michael Murray/ The guy who’s lead vocalist for Abused Romance (So many of God’s beautiful creatures out there. I want to smush all of them in one.  Argh)

2. My backside accidently got glued to the bed – and for some reason, so did my arms and hands. Oh, I used my head and tongue to peck the keys and navigate my way across the world-wide web which was very tedious, ya ka-no. Masochistic vibes.

3. Someone tried to shoot me and this rendered me emotionally traumatized, enough to make me lock myself in my room and threat anyone who dares come in with a katana in my hand. (I always wanted to swing a Katana – and have a Japanese instructor. But mostly just swing a Katana. See below)

You eat my cake. Prepare to die.


I can’t rack my head for number 4 excuse which goes to show that I need to hone my excuse skills because they are bordering on pathetic and desperate but y’know, with awesomeness cometh the tendency to awesome out sometimes or something equally heroic like that. It doesn’t make sense. I know.

Except Excuse # 3 is partly correct since I did almost got shot by a bunch of drunkards who were serenading the streets late at night. My cousin and I were walking down the street, just a bit far from her humble abode when we were rudely interrupted by a car which went zipping past us. A flash of light, a loud sound that made us jump back in alarm before the car swerved around a corner. Then my cousin’s horrified voice broke me out of my stupor.

“They had a gun! They shot at us.”

Pretty scary stuff. Maybe it was another technique to woo us? Too hot for us to handle even though it was a beat-up Suzuki? This has taught me a lesson: Don’t go frolicking in the night – even near your house which is presumably safe because some fudgetarts drunk to their buns might try to point a gun at you and not the one which squirts out water, unfortunately.

U iz drunk, no?

Anyway, that was my happy blog! Next time, I’ll discuss some of the books I’ve been reading and one narcissistic comment I happened to come across while stalking face-the-book.

“they give more preference to the brain(inner beauty shit), rather than looks. =P suckers!”

Really? Sounds like some injustice took place here? But this all – next time. Cheers.

Hope, Ramadan is going absolutely brilliant for you. ❤